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UK Racketball Rankings

Alan Thatcher April 23, 2011 2 Comments on UK Racketball Rankings

UK-Racketball Newsletter April 2011

National Rankings Announced Men’s, Women’s, Men’s Over 40’s, Men’s Over 50’s

We have been given the go-ahead from England Squash and Racketball to build the National Ranking for 2011. For those of you who followed the UK-Racketball Series in 2010 we used an algorithm to accumulate the points over the course of the five tournaments.

Before you entered each event you could see exactly how many points you would earn depending upon where you finished. This will be the first time that a similar points structure will be tried for the National Rankings.

All ESR sanctioned tournaments count towards your national rankings with each tournament type counting for slightly different points, a complete break down and explanation of this is available on www.uk-racketball.com

National Rankings April 2011

We have taken the results from the 2010 National Championships, the five Harrow UK-Racketball Series Events in 2010 and the North East Regional Championships in March 2011. These were the only events that we had a complete set of results for which is why they are the only events that have been used to construct this first set of rankings.

From now on we will include all ESR sanctioned events as long as the organisers submit results. It is our hope that within a year we will have literally hundreds of players from all over the UK included in the rankings.

Official National Rankings

Pos Name Points Events
1 Dominic Hamilton 237 5
2 Daryl Selby 218.75 1
3 Matt Baker 185 4
4 Peter Nicol 143.75 1
5 Neil Chambers 123.75 3

Women’s National Rankings

Pos Name Points Events
1 Laura Hill 218.75 1
2 Lauren Selby 143.75 1
3 Vicky Hynes 87.5 1
4 Sarah-Jane Perry 87.5 1
5 Sarah Lochrie 53.75 1

Men’s Over 40’s

Pos Name Points Events
1 Rob Watkins 327 5
2 Jim Lord 218.75 1
3 Pete Goodings 130 3
4 Paul Haigh 87.5 2
5 Mark Francis 87.5 1

Men’s Over 50’s

Pos Name Points Events
1 Mike Philips 366.7 6
2 James Murphy 147 5
3 Keith Palmer 143.75 1
4 Rob Shay 87.5 1
5 Nigel Millington 87.5 1

Posted on April 23, 2011

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  1. Mark Fuller April 23, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    Check out http://www.uk-racketball.com for more information about the rankings, anyone who plays any ESR sanctioned event is eligible for points and we have hundreds of names, so see if your one of them. Follow the link to the rankings section on the left hand side.

  2. Mark Fuller April 23, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    We have the 2nd UK-Racketball Series Event at the Mote Squash Club on the 28th May.

    All matches to be played over 1 day, best of 3 format, A, B, Women’s as well as age group categories for the over 40’s and 50’s.

    Go to http://www.uk-racketball.com for all the entry information and follow links to the UK-Racketball Series and Mote Tournament. Hopefully it will be a fantastic racketball filled day.

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