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Bob Kingsley

Bob Kingsley was the Associate Director of the USSRA (now US Squash) back in the late 80s and early 90s. Today Bob teaches and plays squash on the only remaining court in Broome County in upstate New York. Read more of his articles at bobkingsley.com

Author Articles

Don’t lie to me, Argentina: How squash got into the Pan-Am Games

‘I had to deal with cops and robbers before squash got the green light’ (In a previous article about squash and the Olympics, former Associate...

Bob Kingsley: How the hardball politics of US Squash tinned our Olympic bid

By BOB KINGSLEY - Squash Mad Correspondent Some years ago I wrote an article for Squash Mad about how “back in the day” the United...

COMMENT: How America killed the Olympic dream

How American excess killed the Olympic dream By BOB KINGSLEY SQUASH is feeling sorry for itself after the IOC again rejected the sport’s application for a...

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