Tuesday, November 28, 2023

5 tips to save Premier Squash League

With the Premier Squash League in limbo, former PSL manager Danny Lee speaks to RJ Mitchell on how to resurrect the sport’s oldest league

1: The PSL belongs to England Squash but I would suggest they get in a professional promoter or organisation to really get things going. We are in a position where we are now starting from scratch and perhaps it’s time for new blood to come in to organise the PSL.

2: Give teams three to four months to get organised and streamline their recruitment process so that it is done properly. Whoever does this should go to all the big clubs and good managers who have ever been in the PSL and involve them and if we could get back to five or six north and south then do it. Four north and four south with a play-off weekend would also be no bad thing – so there are options in terms of numbers.

3: Set a rigid criteria of rules linked to the standard of player in the team which would keep sponsors happy and there would be penalties for not fielding a strong team away.

Surrey celebrate a previous PSL triumph

4: Pull out the stops to get a sponsor – even if it just covered the costs. Expanding across the UK would help (and maybe beneficial on the back of the recent Olympic inclusion). I would include teams from Wales and Scotland and would be reaching out to people there and in the west country accordingly.

5: Insist on streaming and promoting and making sure that the marketing was of a suitable level and that this was held to account. 

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