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Alan’s Blog: Hasta La Vista, Baby!


The new all-glass showcourt in Wroclaw
The new all-glass showcourt in Wroclaw

Wroclaw centre is the world’s biggest squash club with new glass showcourt 

By Alan Thatcher, Squash Mad Editor

The world’s biggest squash club has 28 courts – and it’s in the emerging squash powerhouse of Poland.

The Hasta La Vista Club, in Wroclaw, has just added nine new courts, constructed by CourtTech, including a new glass showcourt. The club hosted the World Junior Championships in 2013 and is gearing up to stage the World Games squash competition in 2017.

In an article on the Court Tech website, Owner Zenon Waniak explained the expansion saying, “The decision of building new courts was made when I saw that the 19 courts we had, had full reservation lists.

“I was lucky having the possibility to buy 1000 m2 just next to us. We made a new door and everything has been connected.

“All our squash promotion projects are successful -working with juniors, seniors, students, teachers,businessmen and any other social groups we can see that the power of squash is magical.”

The club is placing a great emphasis on junior development. Many Wroclaw schools learning squash at Hasta La Vista as part of their sports lessons, in conjunction with the city authorities.


Picture courtey of Court Tech 

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