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Australian Open: Fox confirm live TV coverage

Fox Sports to televise Australian Open finals live

Squash Australia and Fox Sports are pleased to announce that the men’s and women’s finals of the 2011 Australian Open will be shown live on Fox Sports on Sunday 14 August, marking the first of three ‘majors’ to be delivered nation-wide on Australian television’s sports leader this year.

Fox Sports have also committed to showing the US Open and the World Open in the months following the Australian Open.

“This is a fantastic boost for our sport in Australia. Squash at the elite level is faster and more exciting than ever and the digital television coverage on the all-glass court brings the action right into your lounge room,” Australian Open tournament director Gary Hampson said.

“Australians love to watch live sport and I am happy to predict that once they see squash at the highest level, they’ll be hooked.

“Coverage of the major championships is also important. There are some great personalities on the men’s and women’s professional tours who invariably produce absorbing contests. For example we have our own ‘Federer’ in England’s rock steady world number one Nick Matthew, who is constantly being challenged by the precociously talented and highly entertaining young Egyptian Ramy Ashour -our own ‘Rafa’.”

The Australian Open will be held from 8-14 August 2011 in Canberra in front of a packed house in the Royal Theatre at the National Convention Centre.

The Open attracts the top men and women in the world competing both for the prestigious titles as well as points in their respective World Series.

It is played on an innovative all-glass court that uses two-way glass to allow spectators a clear view of play from all around the court, while still allowing players to see the walls and the ball without distraction.


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