Thursday, November 30, 2023

Blog: The sincerest form of flattery

Egyptian trio Karim Darwish, Ramy Ashour and Mohamed El Shorbagy get ready for the Hong Kong Open. Picture by STEVE CUBBINS courtesy of

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  If that’s the case, then the World Squash Day team can give themselves a pat on the back, for news has emerged of a new venture in a different racket sport. You’ve guessed it, World Tennis Day has been set up to promote the sport that, unlike squash, already has a place in the Olympic Games.

As the Hong Kong Open welcomes a group of visiting officials from the IOC, making an official inspection, we can only hope that the tournament delivers everything we believe our sport can offer the Olympic Games.

Here’s my wish list:

Spectacular entertainment from some supremely gifted racket players who also happen to be among the world’s most phenomenal athletes.
Honesty, sportsmanship and total commitment from every competitor.
A full-house audience every night around the glass court set up by the harbourside, with a spectacular backdrop of the city skyscrapers.
A concerted media campaign by the WSF to ramp up the sport’s profile.
Images beamed round the world to highlight the glass court’s wow factor.
Quality TV coverage with intelligent commentary that explains to non-squash players the meaning of words like lets, strokes, nicks and boasts.

I am sure the players understand the importance of the occasion and will respond accordingly.

With qualifying complete and the main draw about to get under way, it’s time for our leading players to deliver.

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  1. Alan, you are too modest, re your part in world squash day. as for world tennis day, here’s the info: The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has entered into an agreement with StarGames to launch World Tennis Day on Monday, March 4 in 2013 to help promote tennis participation around the world.

  2. Well it would seem so far we have once again a court which makes it impossible to follow the ball on the live streaming and several matches with a million lets.
    Was the hong kong tournament really the right place to get this done?
    Seem to remember that court for the super series finals being incredible with the purple lighting etc.

    No arguments about the talent on show but until they clean squash up and cut down the number of lets

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