Friday, March 31, 2023

BLOG: Who is the Usain Bolt of squash?


Usain Barker and Nick Matthew at the British Open

Despite the bitterness felt by squash’s absence from the Olympic Games, a host of top players joined in a lighthearted Twitter debate about the 100m race, won so emphatically by Usain Bolt.
With squash players among the best athletes on the planet, I posed the question about who would be squash’s fastest sprinter.
Conditioning would not be a problem. Squash players love court sprints (don’t they?), and several undergo 800m reps to boost stamina and performance.
After much debate, nine players were nominated, so we might need some heats before the final.
The runners are:
Adrian Grant (England)
Peter Barker (England)
Nick Matthew (England)
Migel Rodriguez (Colombia)
Azlan Iskandar (Malaysia)
Saurav Ghosal (India)
LJ Anjema (Netherlands)
Gregory Gaultier (France)
Alan Clyne (Scotland)

Saurav Ghosal Tweeted: “I’m working on it already. Visualising! That performance by Bolt was so inspiring.”
World champion Nick Matthew surveyed the list of potential runners and commented: “I take it Peter Barker to muscle it.”

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    • Hi Joe
      Yes, we’ve added Tarek and Chris Simpson to the list. Nick Matthew says he would get chopped in the heats, and Daryl Selby says he’s more of a distance man. Simon Roesner has entered the fray, claiming 25 secs for 200m.
      That’s probably my time for 100m these days!
      How about you?
      I can feel a court sprint challenge coming on …. you v James Evans!
      See you soon, mate.

    • Hi John. That would be about right. Most of the fastest guys I know here in Kent can do 20 in 45-48 seconds, so 28 in a minute is a top-class performance.
      I did three sets with the juniors last week! Certainly got the heart, lungs and legs working!
      I tell everyone: Even if you do them slowly, or badly, at least you are doing them. You will be fitter than the guys who are not.

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