Saturday, June 22, 2024

Calgary: Rocky road as refs walk out

As referees at Canary Wharf get used to the new PSA Video Review system, news is spreading about  a referees’ revolt in the Rocky Mountain Open tournament in Calgary.

Apparently the officials walked out after players requested to take over two of the three refereeing positions. An attempted compromise failed to materialise and so the referees walked out, leaving the players to officiate in the final, in which David Palmer beat Laurens Anjema.

I understand the PSA are investigating the issues surrounding the walk-out.

Meanwhile, referees from all over the world have been in touch to ask about the Video Review system in operation at Canary Wharf.

The view from PSA members is very positive. The crowd love it, and it certainly adds extra drama to the occasion.

The ideal solution for issues at the front of the court, usually concerning dodgy pick-ups and shots that may or may not have hit the tin, can be solved by using two HD super slo-mo cameras. Then the whole court will be covered by sufficient cameras and most incidents can be dealt with.

Some older referees appear to be resistant to change, but many officials I have spoken to are very enthusiastic about the initiative.




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