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Dutch Squash Federation looks for event boost after Olympic inclusion

Dutch Squash Federation has appointed Arjan Janssen as Squash Bond Nederland associate director and says the sport’s Olympic inclusion is an “extra boost” as Dutch squash looks to benefit with extra events, as well as a thriving Premier League.

“My squash adventure started at the age of 10 at Squash Centrum Gelderland,” he says. “I was introduced to competitive sports through play. This has led to participation in competitions and many national and international tournaments. 

“At 18 I obtained my coaching diploma and to this day I continue to provide training to players at various levels. I wish everyone the pleasure I get from squash and that is why I think sharing knowledge is of great value.”

He said there are “a number of great challenges and events planned for the coming year. I want to support this together with the squash community. The fact that squash in LA is on the Olympic programme gives an extra boost to the sport and I am very happy with that.”

Dutch squash is also looking for extra support for upcoming event organisation. 

The association said: “We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to support us at various major tournaments. Consider the Dutch Junior Open, National Squash Championships and World Masters Championships that are visiting our country this year. We want to make these tournaments a great success with an event team that you can be a part of.

“We would like to empower everyone and see together who can pick up what and how much time someone has to put into it. If you don’t know what to expect from this, here is a small summary.”

Laurens Jan Anjema wins his first World Masters over-35 title

The Dutch Premier Squash League (DPSL), which will be broadcast on various platforms, started this month with a plethora of teams and top stars playing.

Top 20 players such as Mohamed ElShorbagy, Marwan ElShorbagy, Tarek Momen, Mazen Hesham, Paul Coll, Joel Makin, Youssef Soliman, Baptiste Masotti, Nicolas Mueller and Eain Yow Ng are listed. As are old stagers Nick Matthew, Simon Rosner, LJ Anjema and Omar Abdel Meguid.

Meanwhile, there will be no Dunlop Region Tour next season. Preparations for the current season could not take place on time due to the close staffing at the association office and the appointment of the new board. As a result, Squash Bond Nederland has decided, in consultation with Dunlop, to cancel the season.

The first day of play that was already planned at Squash Warmond continued under the SBN Regio Tour this month. “In addition, it cannot be ruled out that this was the last time, next season we will do our best to breathe new life into the Dunlop Regio Tour,” it said.

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