Monday, June 5, 2023

Egypt star Mostafa Asal hit with six-week ban from PSA World Tour

World No.1 Mostafa Asal has been hit with a six-week ban after being cited for "dangerous play" on the PSA World Tour as the young Egyptian's career took another wild turn on Monday night. As revealed by Squash Mad, the 21-year-old Egyptian was present at a disciplinary hearing mid-tournament last week at the Canary Wharf […]

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  1. There’s a whole generation of squash players & coaches who have contributed to this state of events. Junior tournaments today bear witness to this! Asal has admittedly taken it up a notch with his physicality

  2. I think Mostafa is an excellent player, a true talent. My unsolicited advice (along with all other posts in all comments sections ever) – he needs to learn the flaws of hubris when he is trying to lead a sport. I think 6 weeks of contemplating this while eating some humble pie will do him good, but only if he gets over being angry about it. He needs to seek advice from people who have tough messages and lessons for him, not only the people who want to be angry along with him. He needs to own the situation and his behavior, look at the changes HE can make to improve and grow, and press on with being an excellent player who is also modest (but still confident) and a role model. He will be a superhero if he does this. If not, honestly I would prefer for him to try another sport, and sadly I will avoid watching him play.

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