Wednesday, June 7, 2023

‘Extraordinary’: Mostafa Asal under fire after ‘chop on forehead’

Former World No.1 Mostafa Asal has become embroiled in yet more match controversy after clips were posted on social media of the Egyptian grabbing an opponent’s hand mid-rally and a “chop on the forehead” to another player during his run to the World Squash Championship semi-finals. PSA commentator Joey Barrington and Lee Drew, PSA’s director […]

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  1. How about asking PSA what they intend to do about this? And if they won’t speak on the record, maybe someone will speak informally? Also – what about the reaction of other players and coaches, the Asal camp etc! I saw the Squash TV discussion for myself, so it would be great if you guys could add something to that in terms of a bit of investigative journalism and analysis!

  2. Asal has been doing this for ages, sneakily subtly grabbing an opponents forearm or racket.
    I posted on squash stories about him doing it and him being a blatant cheat and that the refs needed to sort it out.
    Good Olde Jamie Maddox said I was wrong and anyone who called his favourite player a cheat was wrong.
    He banned me from Squash Stories.
    Well, guess what Jamie Maddox, you were wrong about Asal and wrong to ban me you wee Hitler you, 😆 🤣

  3. Asal has shown he isn’t interested in playing fair. The incidents with Hesham and Makin prove it. He is not good for the sport right now. He should be banned for an entire season, then we’ll see if he’s capable of learning his lesson or not.

  4. Some of these are pretty difficult to pick up in real time. As an observer you think you see something there, but keep following the action. As a referee, I’d say it would be far more difficult in real time, especially the Hesham one as your actual view would have been obscured by Hesham himself.

    So what’s the answer? Do you dedicate more time and resource to scouring every piece of footage in every game to look for these things? Constant replays which will slow the game down? For me, they haven’t been an issue in the past, so it comes down to this being an issue with a single player. So you deal with the player. Just ban him.

    Don’t get me wrong. He’s got wonderful skills, but he’s constantly embroiled in issues around his behaviour. The latest issues take things a step further. The Hesham issue is just blatant cheating. The Makin one COULD have been significantly worse if he had hit him in the eye.

    There’s just no place in our sport for such feral behaviour and blatant disregard for the safety of others. We simply don’t need him in the sport.

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