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Feeding off the energy and passion in Birmingham, World Squash Day teams up with SquashLab to grow the game

‘Teaming up with World Squash Day is a natural extension of our whole ethos, which is about helping squash communities to grow across the globe’
By ALAN THATCHER (Squash Mad Editor)

The Commonwealth Games is the perfect platform to build off the energy in Birmingham to come up with plans to revive the game at grassroots level.

That’s why I have chosen today, the opening day of the squash competition, to announce that World Squash Day is joining forces with SquashLab Communities in a dynamic partnership aimed at growing the game.

SquashLab is a brilliant new App with multiple functions to support the growth of squash communities. It has been designed and launched by Australia’s former world No.2 Liz Irving, who later coached Malaysian superstar Nicol David to her eight World Open titles.

“Teaming up with World Squash Day is a natural extension of our whole ethos, which is about helping squash communities to grow across the globe,” said Irving.

“We have a special SquashLab Communities platform designed to assist clubs and federations, and teaming up with World Squash Day provides a huge opportunity for everyone in the game to join forces to attract a new generation of players to the game.”

World Squash Day is an annual global campaign, endorsed by the World Squash Federation (WSF) and the PSA Foundation, aimed at growing participation at grass-roots level and this year’s event takes place on Saturday, October 15.

As founder of World Squash Day, I am hoping that this partnership will provide huge support for the cause. SquashLab is an ideal platform to connect new players with each other and help them to find clubs where they will be made welcome.

The whole focus of World Squash Day 2022 is on helping the game to bounce back after two challenging years when the pandemic forced many clubs to close.

Liz is already a hugely inspirational figure in the game and despite her decades of success in the elite game she understands that the spotlight needs to be shone on promoting the sport at beginner level to attract new players to try squash.

The SquashLab App will help all of those newcomers to find somewhere to try the game, meet other players, and guide them through the whole process.

Irving, who splits her time between Amsterdam and her home city of Brisbane, added: “I have enjoyed some brilliant conversations with Alan about reviving the game and designing a new style of rackets club where indoor-outdoor courts for squash sit proudly alongside courts for emerging sports like padel and pickleball.

“I am also having similar conversations with key people in Brisbane and the wonderful thing about World Squash Day is that it connects like-minded people all over the globe.

“SquashLab is already working with Squash Australia, Squash Queensland, Squash ACT, Squash NSW and Squash NT, and our long-term strategy is to help grow squash communities all over the world.

“Our SquashLab Communities section offers an effective communications tool for clubs and provides a variety of data-based solutions to assist this brilliant sport of ours.

“Everything in the world revolves around technology and we are pleased to be partnering with World Squash Day to develop significant resources for the sport.

“Further plans will be announced soon but we are all delighted to get the ball rolling for World Squash Day in October.”

Link to the World Squash Day page on SquashLab Communities

Liz Irving pictured with eight-times world champion Nicol David


SquashLab Communities is the world’s first-ever all-things-squash sports app. Within the app, one can connect with other squash players globally, find new opponents, find a coach, find a court, learn the rules and lift their squash game skills. Our mission is to help squashies Learn, Connect and Play.

The app is designed to link federations, associations, clubs, coaches and players to facilitate greater participation in the sport aimed at the casual squash player who is playing primarily at club level.

We take data protection very seriously. We follow strict international guidelines for protecting ours and our users’ data. The users’ information which is entered into the profile section of the app is encrypted and is only visible to the user.

Should the user opt-in to be available in the ‘Find an Opponent’ section of the app (only available for users over 18 years of age), their age bracket, skill level and gender will be shown in the results.
If you have location services turned on, it makes it possible for you to search by location as well. These are settings that are all at the control of the app user. All data is encrypted and is securely stored for the sole purpose of maintaining their access and best use of the app.

The data is never sold or shared with third parties unless the user chooses to share via single-sign-on functions or similar. Emails are only used to communicate with our users about critical updates, new features and initiatives.


World Squash Day website:


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