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Updated: It’s squash, Jim, but not as we know it as countries plan to reopen

Training games recommended by Swiss Squash

‘No protection, no sport’ is the rule in Switzerland
By ALAN THATCHER – Squash Mad Editor

Social media is abuzz with talk of clubs reopening their courts to end the coronavirus lockdown.

However, every club and federation will have to observe government guidelines on health and safety before opening the doors again.

Most federations appear to be advising clubs that solo drills will be allowed, and permitting two players to enter the court to carry out training routines while maintaining safe distancing protocols.

It’s squash, Jim, but not as we know it.

Squash Mad is in contact with numerous federations across the world as we continue to provide a platform to share ideas and information.

From Canada to Australia, we are seeing federations advising their clubs on how to safely begin a gradual return to business.


In Switzerland, plans are in place to allow players back on court for training, with a comprehensive video guide of suggested routines that will be permissible.

Marcel Schranz from the Swiss Squash federation, wrote today:

On April 29, the Federal Council decided that from May 11, 2020 – subject to compliance with protection concepts and hygiene regulations – sports activities will be possible.

The following principle applies; No protection concept; no sport activity.

Sports associations, sports clubs and sports facilities must have a protection concept.

The protection concept from the sports associations (like Swiss Squash), which are the basis for all other concepts, can be found with the following link:

Special provisions for Squash


The following applies for games and training for Non-Elite-/Top-athletes/players:

  • Training alone (solo training) as well as games and exercises for two in which the distance regulation of 2 m can be observed are permitted. Swiss Squash provides a corresponding selection of “corona-compatible” game types at
  • Game types and exercises with 3 or more people, who are on the court at the same time, are not permitted until further notice.


Elite- and top-athletes can design their own training. However, COVID-19 Regulation 2 (818.101.24) must be observed.


An article on the German website reported: “While the German Squash Association (DSQV) has a task force discussing and preparing to re-enter club-based sports activities, the Sihlsports squash centre will open on May 11 at our neighbors in Switzerland.

“Until further notice, solo training as well as games and exercises for two, in which the distance regulation of two meters can be observed, are permitted. For the time being, forms of play and exercises with three or more people who are on the court at the same time are not permitted.”

“On the basis of the ten guard rails published by the DOSB (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund) to re-enter club-based sports activities, the German Squash Association (DSQV) has developed guidelines for the resumption of squash operations. It should be noted that the current concept of the DSQV was created on the basis of the current framework conditions, ”says a press release from the DSQV on May 1st.

You can see the entire “position paper” here . Christian Oswald (DSQV Vice President Strategy and Management) is available to answer any questions .


US Squash has published a significant document containing numerous guidelines.

However, there appears to be an assumption that all facilities will have staff on hand to monitor players entering and leaving the premises, and to carry out cleaning duties. 

In many clubs in the UK, members have their own key and come and go as they please. Forcing these clubs to monitor activities round the clock will be an important issue.

Protecting your premises from possible litigation is another major issue faced by all clubs, and especially in the USA, it would appear.

One friend in the States sent me extracts from a report in the Washington Post:
“John Cornyn, senator for Texas, is working on legislation that would shield businesses from liability over coronavirus-related claims as long as they comply with government guidelines.

 “Cornyn and other Republicans are looking for ways to shield businesses and health providers from coronavirus-related claims while making exceptions for gross negligence…

“Multiple lawsuits have already been filed against businesses including Wal-Mart, nursing homes, insurers and others. More are on the way. 

“Ads from plaintiff’s attorneys are popping up on late-night TV seeking clients who’ve suffered damages in some way from the coronavirus outbreak.

Down Under, the Australian Institute of Sport is co-ordinating a phased return to activity by sports clubs.
Each of the six States will adopt their own policies, with clubs required to follow strict health and safety guidelines before being allowed to reopen.
Click below for some important links.
This is a 36-page document that details the A.I.S with its focus on the resumption of community sport and individuals returning to sport. 
It lists the break down of National principles for the resumption and a detailed timeline of the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia 

This is a 15-point easy-to-read document breaking down the National Principles Resumption of Recreation Sport and Activities in Australia. 

Stay up to date with all of the latest information from Squash Australia with the current COVID-19 Pandemic via its COVID-19 page. 

The Jericho club in Vancouver (Canada) reopens for tennis and squash in two days’ time (Wednesday, May 6th). I understand that players from the same family  chasing up a contact there to see what the guidelines are.


Calling all clubs and federations, all over the world: Please get in touch and let us know what is happening in your region. Please leave a comment below.



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