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‘It’s time to set the record straight,’ says Joel Makin as he hits back at former coach Rob Owen’s podcast claims

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By ALAN THATCHER (Squash Mad Editor)

Commonwealth Games silver medallist Joel Makin has answered the criticisms from former coach Rob Owen in a personal response shared exclusively with Squash Mad.

Owen made a number of claims during an interview with InSquash Podcast host Gerry Gibson that came across as personal attacks on Joel and his family.

World No.11 Joel, who was 28 yesterday, denied that he stopped working with Owen when the New Zealander Paul Coll joined the coach’s Midlands training camp.

In the statement below, Joel has responded to a number of claims made by his former coach in the podcast.

Here is Joel Makin’s statement in full:

I had no real intention of talking about any of this because it ended years ago. I’ve always kept the things that happened private. Unfortunately Rob still won’t let it go and feels the need to slate me publicly despite having discussed these things already.

Mentioning my family was completely out of order and says a lot about him. After that, I thought a few things needed to be explained.

My family have had very little to do with Rob at any point – going for food with him once in the five years I worked with him! This is the sort of manipulation that happens constantly, making it sound as if he’s helped out in some way out of generosity and has had nothing in return. This is not true, along with numerous other things that were said.

I’d like to think most people will be able to read that article, listen to the podcast and other things he’s done and be able see through it pretty easily and how things are constantly twisted in his favour.

The interview he gave for an article going into the World Championships is another great example as well as the one this week. Constant contradictions and slating of anyone he isn’t involved with and some he still is. His ego is so big he can’t accept this situation because he’s not used to being called out or held accountable.

He kept referring to me being selfish and ungrateful being the reason I don’t speak to him. The fact he could end an article after what he said about me personally, my family and my squash by saying he hoped we ‘will end up becoming very good friends again’ shows he has absolutely no understanding of why I don’t want to be involved with him.

Even though I’ve explained this to him clearly, he keeps feeling the need to blame it on Paul working with him. As poor as I thought that was from Rob and mainly done for his own benefit, it still isn’t what happened. I’ve always had no issues with Paul, I rate highly what he’s achieved and the work he’s put in.

I was always very grateful for any work he did with me as he knows; any interview I did during that time will show that clearly. The things he’s said about me personally since working together, mean regardless of the work we did I’m not going to have rang him frequently for a catch-up!

Joel Makin takes silver during an epic Commonwealth Games final against Paul Coll in Birmingham

When we worked together the amount he charged everyone wasn’t a lot, as he’ll be quick to tell you, but I paid for every session I had despite what was said.

Very few people are willing to call him out or want to deal with the obvious consequences.

It has impacted my relationships with people he has involvement with and numerous sponsors but as tough as that’s been, I would rather have lost that than have any involvement with him.

He’s still attempting to negatively impact my career four years after finishing work with him, showing just how bitter he still is. Other people who have distanced themselves have also had similar issues but that’s up to them to go into and talk about.

Theres quite a few players who chose to stop working with him and have no involvement any more, and it’s easier for him to say this is because of how selfish these guys are rather than admit fault.

I’m not even going to get into the squash side of things; results and rankings are pretty clear cut and easy to look into. I’m not interested in having an exchange about all of this and don’t feel the need to go into any more detail at this point. I just wanted to make a few things clear.

Joel Makin

Pictures courtesy of PSA World Tour 


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