Friday, July 12, 2024

Manhattan school opens up squash courts for public use

Prime New York real estate is usually reseved for members or the elite — especially in Manhattan.

However, Spence School is bucking the trend as one of the few schools or colleges in the US to open up their courts to the public, starting this month.

Around a dozen years ago, the school secured an old garage six blocks from its current premise for its sporting activities.

Nine new squash courts formed part of the complex and the school is celebrating by opening them for public play for two hours of open play round robins.

A series of summer round robin events will take place at its athletic and ecology centre, located on the Upper East Side from June to August.

“No brackets or tournament elimination matches, just a great chance to meet new players, play a lot and experience New York City’s newest squash club,” said Corey Modeste.

Cost for the round robin is $25 and advance registration is required.

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