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Mohamed Raef shares more secrets of Black Ball’s system of success

‘We have a unique system of quality and professionalism in everything we do’
By ALAN THATCHER – Squash Mad Editor

Mohamed Raef, CEO of the Black Ball Sporting Club, has followed up on Rosanna Radlinska-Thyma’s recent interview with BB Squash Director Ashraf Hanafi by sharing more secrets of the club’s success.

In less than three years, the Black Ball Club has made a stunning impact on the game of squash.

Hosting major PSA events featuring the world’s leading stars has given the club an international profile.

Building an academy to produce stars of the future will of necessity require more time and patience, but already the club is playing host to numerous ambitious players from across the world who want to learn how to play squash “the Egyptian way”.

The squash operation, with 16 courts including a permanent all-glass show court, is giving the club a glowing reputation throughout the game.

Behind the scenes, CEO Mohamed Raef is masterminding a management structure that is ensuring that the club runs as a sustainable and expanding business.

He says: “It is not only about the number of courts, or the distinct infrastructure of sports clubs. It is a passion for sports primarily and in particular a passion for squash.

“It is a keen love for what we do and a personal conviction that developing squash and increasing its growth throughout the world still needs a lot of work, still needs more cooperation from and within all squash related parties, institutions and organizations.

“We at Black Ball work through a unique administrative system that strives to add quality and professionalism to everything we do.

“We are proud that we were able to, in record time, create clear features and set a special identity for the organisation.

“Black Ball has made a distinct mark on the world of sports and squash in particular. Black Ball brings to the table not only a new, but also a sophisticated culture of sports management.

“We provide an effective development cycle of training content and adapt it to the needs of each player and practitioner accordingly. We also implement an effective collaborative system that integrates and combines all our players’ guardians’ efforts which creates the harmony that we reap its benefits.

The Black Ball Junior Academy is busy creating stars of the future

“The success of Black Ball is not the product of one person’s efforts or ideas, but rather the result of collective effort and teamwork dedicated to setting the best image for the brand.

“Our success in organising several international tournaments for squash professionals within a short period of time and under such difficult circumstances proves that our system and ethics efficiently work hand in hand with professional bodies; such as the PSA, the group of sponsors led by the large financial institution CIB, the Egyptian Squash Federation and all administrative authorities, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“We believe our permanent and continuous efforts, along with what others are doing around the world, will definitely garner the attention of local and global media to the squash sport.

“This will consequently lead to the expansion and spreading of the game worldwide and as a result will attract new followers. Who knows, perhaps soon we can see squash in the Olympics, which is exactly what we aim for.

“Finally, the doors to our club are open to all squash lovers around the world and all those who wish to benefit from the Black Ball School.

“Here in Black Ball we have a distinguished technical staff, a professional training team, the unique infrastructure and the overall atmosphere that stimulates and encourages progress through every step of the way.

“We are very open to sharing our experiences with others and learning from their experiences as well.”

Mohamed Raef
CEO, Black Ball for Investment & Sports Development

Pictures courtesy of Black Ball Sporting Club


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