Saturday, June 3, 2023

Mostafa Asal accuses rivals of diving like footballers

Mostafa Asal has accused his opponents on the PSA World Tour of ‘diving’ like footballers to try to get him punished by referees – and says squash needs systemic change to resolve ‘conflicts’ which are adversely affecting his career.  In a wide-ranging interview in the latest edition of Squash Player magazine, the recently deposed world […]

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  1. Having watched a lot of your PSA matches I have to say that the drama you find yourself in is entirely a result of your own actions. Taking up more space than is necessary and intentionally moving to disrupt your opponents access to the ball is simply cheating. Complaining that you feel that others are cheating now just looks like sour grapes.

  2. The clearest evidence of the reality of the situation is that since his ban the tournaments and matches have been for the most part scandal free.

    His return during the worlds will be a test.

    Shall we all be able to continue to enjoy amazing squash or will it be a return to madness.

    If the latter even he will have to face the facts and more importantly and hopefully the JURY!

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