Monday, December 4, 2023

Olympic Games 2028: Squash is one of nine sports on bidding process shortlist

LA entry list likely to focus on ‘engaging the best athletes’ rather than a global spread By ALAN THATCHER (Squash Mad Editor) Squash is among nine sports invited to make a presentation for inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Squash is on a shortlist along with motorsport, cricket, karate, baseball-softball, lacrosse, breaking, […]

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  1. Squash for the Olympics again?40 years down the road and no progress.This is dealing with an organisation which uses McDonalds as a sponsor.They are beneath contempt.Squash has been and will be ignored as long as other inferior activities bring more influence and funds to the party.Forget it.Weare better off without them.
    If I had a squash for the Olympics shirt for every campaign,I calculate I would to date have 12 useless shirts.

  2. Oh, I would love to see squash in the Olympics!
    Do I believe that we will make it this time?
    Well it is summer and we have the sun up for many, many, many hours a day so life is pretty bright. That said – Yes, of course we can do it!

    If we do it, I’m sure it will be positive for squash overall.

    I believe that initiatives like Squash Education Alliance is amazing as an example of how squash is supporting diversity. There are similar initiatives in several other countries.

    If I have any doubts it’s probably related very much to how we handle refereeing and televised presentations all the way from professional commentators to interesting live statistics to engage not only squash affecionados but a much broader audience.
    As for who can enter/qualifie that will be very important to clarify in order to make it a truly international event.

    Professional handling of our brand is key to short and long term success – a challenge as I see it.

    Go for it!

  3. Be very clear. The complexity of our sport, which is one of the characteristics which elevates it above padel or racquetball, is at the same time what turns off the powers that be from its possibilities as a spectator sport.
    If you dumb it down enough for them it won’t be squash, and if you don’t we will lose out again in the Olympics to formation hankey waving or some easy to follow effortless team sport.

  4. Why does Squash keep trying for the OLympic Games in the summer – go for the winter – you will get a lot more attention – in Canada – it’s played at the Canada Winter Games – not in the Summer – follow the lead. Also – it will get lost in the Summer Games – there are already too many sports – in Winter – it would get more attention because there are less sports.

  5. I need to see artistic roller skating. its so hard and is under known.
    I get this isn’t on the bidding but I need it

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