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Piotr sets world marathon record in Poland

Fireworks behind the court as Piotr goes for the record
Fireworks behind the court as Piotr goes for the record

Piotr loses 30 balls in the river but claims Guinness World Record for playing 100 matches
By ROSANNA RADLINSKA – Squash Mad Reporter. Pictures by Marek Madphoto Dudek


DSC_1321During the Tall Ships Regatta in Szczecin, Piotr Misilo, the leader of the Polish Squash Federation Men’s Over-40 ranking, set a new record by playing 100 consecutive squash matches using the “best of five” format.

Piotr started his first game on Saturday 13/06/2015 at 21.45 and finished on Sunday 14/06/2015 at about 14.15 beating the previous record of 69 matches set by David Lloyd in 2011.

He also went further in matches played than Scotsman Mark James, who last week played 78 consecutive matches in 32 hours at Montrose Squash Club.

Piotr played for 17 hours 1 minute and 20 seconds. He played 100 matches, 336 games, and scored 5632 points. He won 85 matches out of 100.

This was a big celebration of squash as Szczecin boasts eight squash clubs with 26 courts altogether.

Certainly, the event helped to popularise the sport and was echoed in local media
and nationwide press.


Thanks to SquashActive magazine we have the opportunity to publish an interview with Piotr Misilo.

SA: The record is set, 31 matches more than the previous one. How do you feel?
Happy and tired or perhaps tired and happy…

SA: Why did you choose squash and setting this unusual record?
I started my squash adventure 10 years ago and…. and fell in love with it. It’s dynamic, very fast, technically and tactically demanding sport, and of course, it’s a physical challenge and that makes it incredibly healthy sport to practise. This record setting has been on our (mine and friends’ from Squash Zone club) mind for about two years. We were waiting for a special occasion to highlight it and this actually happened during the Tall Ships Regatta in Szczecin. Additionally, playing 100 matches with different opponents means variety, so one cannot get bored, and that, with over 17 hours of the game, was meaningful.

SA: Have you done any special preparation for setting this record?
Yes, of course. I’ve completed 115 sessions since 1 February which have lasted 205 hours. They were mainly interval trainings and many, many games. The last 12 days before the attempt (excluding 2 days for recovery) I managed to run over 50 km and play squash every day with (just to mention some names) Michal Kurek, Wojtek Karwowski, Marcin Smuniewski, Piotr Milewski, Kuba Wroniecki, Marcin Wojtowicz, Marcin Kieliszek, Marcin Lohmann, Remek. I think that protein-carbohydrate diet plus physio sessions played a very important role in it as I did not experience any cramps and my muscles were in perfect condition. I want to thank everybody very much.

Piotr moves to the front of the court despite his marathon schedule
Piotr moves to the front of the court despite his marathon schedule

SA: Perseverance is your second name. 17 hours on the court. What were the most difficult moments while setting the record? What bothered you the most?
Cold balls were the barrier. Since the court was right on the river bank, almost every out of court ball landed in the Odra River. We lost approximately 30 of them. I felt a crisis coming at about 4-5 o’clock in the morning, it was a bit chilly and I felt a bit sleepy. Then, the organisers switched on my favorite energy song: ‘Watchmaker light purple’ performed by Kult and Fire Kasabian. It worked and really helped! In the morning, the visibility was a real problem hence perception problems but pink glasses saved the day.

SA: What was the funniest situation you experienced during the games?
I almost got into an argument with referees because they finished the match and I was convinced that it should have continued. I asked my opponents several times which game we were playing or what the score was in the previous game; they showed understanding. It was really amusing to see opponents’ faces after sixty-something match when they were leaving the court sweating profusely and surprised that they lost the match 2-3. They said it was a joke that I managed to beat them after 10 hours of playing. That was very rewarding.

SA: How long have you slept after this marathon?
I have not had any problem with my sleep but my legs hurt a lot!

SA: What are you going to do if someone sets a new record in the future? Are you going to set another attempt to regain the title?
No, rather not. I think I have proved that it is possible. If anyone decides to set a new record, I will participate as his/her opponent.

SA: Now you are waiting for the record confirmation – do you know when it is going to be done?
No, I don’t know. It will take some time. We are preparing a detailed report. Guinness has got very detailed and precise requirements regarding their records. I think it might take 4-8 weeks.

SA: Once again congratulations and we wish you every success in the future.
Thank you very much indeed. I would like to use this occasion and dedicate this record to my sons Patryk and Michal with a message that nothing is impossible it is just difficult, and to Czarek Kusy, who passed away a few months ago. Czarek was the person with whom I started my squash adventure and we played hundreds of matches with each other.

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