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Women get a pay rise in San Francisco

The glass court in San Francisco
The glass court in San Francisco

Women’s prize money doubled for Netsuite Open


The 2016 NetSuite Open looks set to draw some of the biggest names in women’s squash this September after it was announced today that prize money will be doubled for the 2016 iteration of the iconic tournament.

Taking place in front of San Francisco’s Ferry Building in one of the most stunning locations on the PSA World Tour, the 2016 NetSuite Open will see 16 of the world’s best female players come together to compete for a $50,000 prize fund – double the $25,000 on offer during the inaugural staging of the tournament in 2015.

The world’s best male players will also return for the sixth staging of the Men’s NetSuite Open, which maintains its M100 status for a second consecutive year.

“We are very pleased to confirm that prize money at this year’s NetSuite Open will be double that of 2015 in a move that I feel will greatly enhance the tournament’s reputation as one of the most progressive events on the PSA World Tour,” said tournament promoter John Nimick.

Promoter John Nimick with Nicol David and ToC media director Beth Rasin
Promoter John Nimick with Nicol David and ToC media director Beth Rasin

“Female players play on the same sized court, under the same rules and train just as hard as their male counterparts so we are delighted to be in a position where we can begin to close the current disparity in prize money whilst also strengthening the standing of our tournament.”

Evan Goldberg, co-founder of title sponsor NetSuite, said: “Increasing prize money ensures that we will attract some of the biggest names in women’s squash to San Francisco this September and I look forward to welcoming all players to the city for what promises to be a spectacular week of competition this autumn.”

The 2016 NetSuite Open will take place from September 26 – October 1 on a specially constructed glass-court and spectator venue located in front of San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

Qualification will begin on September 25 at the Olympic Club of San Francisco. Further information and ticket details can be found by visiting


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  1. I have to admit that this news, although initially welcome, since I’m not in favour of discrimination of any kind, leaves me in a bit of a dilemma, upon further consideration.

    Each competition in squash carries with it different prize money for the winners. This is generally based on the ‘value’ that the players bring to the sport/venue and it would be ridiculous to demand that all competitions had to have the same prize money.

    Why then, should the prize money for the men’s game be the same as that for the women’s?

    One could argue (heaven forbid) that the men’s game attracts more to the sport than the women’s, although I don’t necessarily agree.

    However, I do think that it would be wrong to enforce the same prize money for both sexes just because of political correctness.

    Just my thoughts……..

    P.S. what a fantastic venue – the court in San Francisco looks stunning !

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