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PSA and WSF team up on global strategy to grow the game

A full house for squash in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow; the next target is a place in the Olympics

‘Partnership was a key objective’ says WSF chief Jacques Fontaine
By HOWARD HARDING – Squash Mad International Correspondent


The Professional Squash Association (PSA) and World Squash Federation (WSF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the two bodies work in unison towards achieving a joint vision for the future of squash on a global scale.

Following a series of meetings between the International Federation led by President Jacques Fontaine and Chief Executive Andrew Shelley, and the PSA, led by Chief Executive Alex Gough, both organisations have agreed to tackle the sport’s future in a united and cohesive manner – by means of a unity that will lead to greater support for and interaction between all levels of the sport.

Central to the partnership will be the development of a global strategy, focusing on objectives such as securing a place on the Olympic Games programme, maintaining squash’s presence on other international multi-sport games programmes, growing participation levels around the world, and encouraging the development of court facilities in conjunction with centres, local associations and national federations.

The WSF leadership team elected at their AGM in Hong Kong: Gar Holohan, Huang Ying How, Jacques Fontaine and Pablo Serna

“We are delighted to have reached an agreement with the PSA which we have now signed, that will see both organisations work side-by-side throughout the coming years to help squash achieve greater visibility and profile around the world. This was a key objective for me since my election as WSF President last November,” said WSF President Jacques Fontaine.

“It is vital for the future of the sport that the governing body of the professional game and the international federation representing the nations and their players, coaches and referees, work in unison towards joint objectives that will ultimately help ensure squash continues to expand its global profile.

“The ability to plan for our future together, developing clear roles and responsibilities for the PSA, WSF and other key stakeholders within the sport, is an exciting moment for squash and we look forward to a very bright future working together.”

PSA Chief Executive Alex Gough (right) said: “Our ambition, aligned with that of the WSF, is to create a more stable and successful platform from which to market squash around the world.

“Creating a unified refereeing structure, expanding squash’s commercial profile and improving working relationships with all stakeholders are key to the future success of squash and we are pleased to begin a new working relationship with the WSF.

“The Professional Tour has made enormous strides in recent years and we hope to continue that growth, while at the same time helping grow the sport at a grass roots level. We have been hugely encouraged in all our conversations with the WSF and are excited to begin a new era of greater cohesion.”

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