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PSA launch “real-time statistics tracking” with InteractiveSquash

PSA announce another exciting development for professional squash

System to launch during Swedish Open


The Professional Squash Association (PSA) have announced that they will trial a pioneering new statistical tracking system during the 2018 UCS Swedish Open, which takes place between February 8-11, in a move that will see professional squash analysed in greater depth than ever before.

Developed in partnership with court-manufacturer ASB and interactiveSQUASH – the company who last year launched an innovative new technology that is helping to transform squash courts into interactive playgrounds – the Motion Tracking System, ‘MoTrack’, will allow for real-time analysis of player and ball behaviour.

‘MoTrack’ will showcase key physical characteristics such as distance covered during games and player movement speed, alongside key tactical elements regarding hot zones, momentum patterns and ball tracking data, which will highlight ball speed and trajectory off the front wall.

The system, which has been tested in conjunction with ASB, will also help enable the PSA to analyse and market squash to a deeper level than ever before – with plans in place to combine the system with interactiveSQUASH’s interactive front wall technology in future, meaning statistical data could be projected onto the court wall in between games to enhance both the spectator and viewing experience.

“With its bend of physical and tactical pressure, squash is one of the toughest sports out there and the opportunity to help illustrate that with the use of real-time, in-depth data is something that we have been working towards over the past few years,” said PSA COO Lee Beachill.

“The kind of data that we will be able to use, both in-game through social media and broadcast, along with further advanced data which will be accessible post-game, will add a new dimension to the sport. We’ve long considered squash to be physically demanding and we will now have access to the statistics that will help to reinforce that belief and demonstrate the kind of athleticism and fitness that our players possess.

“Having this data available is key to attracting new fans and audiences to the sport and we are very excited to work with ASB and interactiveSQUASH to develop a product that will allow us to take squash to another level.”

interactiveSQUASH founder Markos Kern said: “With our system, squash will in time become the first sport ever to achieve a full merge between sport and technology in truly real time – with data instantly available to fans and players.

“The feature, developed in partnership with the PSA, court manufacturers ASB and pro athletes, will greatly add to the attractiveness of the sport both in venue and via online or mainstream broadcast.

“We are also very happy to announce that all these new features will also be available on all existing interactiveSQUASH courts, with no additional costs at all. Meaning that real-time feedback on your training sessions or math play, with detailed tracking and leaderboards, will allow recreational players to compare their skills to the world’s top professional players.

“This is only the first of many exciting features to come in the future.”

Picture courtesy of PSA


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