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PST: Long-term Detroit deal for PST Finals

Thierry Lincou, Mick Joint and David Palmer announce the PST deal in Detroit

PST Commits to Detroit Through 2015

Detroit, MI — December 13, 2012 — The Pro Squash Tour (PST) announced last night a new long term relationship with Detroit, which includes hosting the tour’s World Championship tournament at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC).
At the signing ceremony, Wednesday, Dec. 12, two of the world’s top players and PST touring pros Thierry Lincou, 11-time French National Champion, and Australia’s David Palmer, four-time British Open Champion, played an exhibition match to a sold-out crowd of fans.
“We plan to grow this event and grow it in Detroit,” said PST Commissioner Joe McManus. “And the DAC, one of the nation’s great and historic clubs, is the perfect partner.”
This past May, the Detroit Athletic Club hosted the PST World Championships, an end-of-season tournament that involved PST’s top eight point leaders. Players from Egypt, Australia, Scotland, India, Colombia, England and the U.S. provided exciting action for fans. This year’s PST World Championships will again take place at the Detroit Athletic Club on May 3, 4 and 5, 2013. And the tour has committed to returning in 2014 and 2015.
“We are thrilled to host the top squash players in the world,” said Mick Joint, squash professional at the Detroit Athletic Club. “The PST World Championships last May was an exciting event for the DAC and one that captivated squash fans throughout the weekend. We eagerly look forward to our association with PST over the next several years.”
Many organizations have left their mark on Detroit’s 300 years as a city, but few have impacted the community as much as the Detroit Athletic Club. Like a boulder in the middle of a river, the DAC has shaped more than 100 years of Detroit history since it was established in 1887. First and foremost the DAC remains an athletic club. It has always been home to world-class Olympic and amateur athletes as well as professionals, with the clubhouse playing host to regional, national and international tournaments and exhibitions of all types, from boxing and fencing to swimming and squash.
Squash is over 150 years old and played by an estimated 20 million people in 185 countries. Players from across the globe compete on the Pro Squash Tour for points and prize money. The season begins in September and ends in May. For further information, visit
The impressive facade of Detroit Athletic Club

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