Friday, July 19, 2024

Ramy and Cassie love Squash Mad

Ramy Ashour

It’s always great to receive feedback about Squash Mad. Today’s postbag produced inspiring messages from two world champions, Ramy Ashour and Cassie Thomas (nee Jackman), who both love the site.

Ramy is gearing up for a return to the PSA World Tour in Hong Kong and we wish him well after his recent injury worries. Cassie is now living and coaching in Australia.


Great work with all the Squash Mad stuff. I have been following and I admire the work on there as it’s different and more comprehensive regarding pointing out the vital and sensitive issues in squash in a professional, non-offensive, elegant way.


I just wanted to say congrats on the Squash Mad website. It’s great to have another squash website that is informative with some good interviews, comments, news etc. Squash definitely needed another outlet with new and different perspectives. I hope it all continues to go well.

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