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Ramy Ashour calls for respect for referees

Ramy Ashour calls for more respect for referees
Ramy Ashour calls for more respect for referees

Triple world champion calls for voting system to reward referees

By Alan Thatcher, Squash Mad Editor

Ramy Ashour has spoken out in support of squash referees in an amazing post on social media.

Egypt’s triple world champion, who has not played since the World Championship in Seattle in November, outlined his support for match officials in a post on Facebook.

Ramy plays squash with a smile on his face
Ramy plays squash with a smile on his face

He advocates moving referees closer to the court from their current position in the middle of the crowd, and wants to see fans and players voting on referees’ performances after each match, leading to monthly and annual awards of the top officials.

Ramy, of course, is usually a delight to referee. Playing with a smile on his face, and entertaining crowds all over the world, is what he does best when his body allows him to.

Here’s what he had to say. Players, fans and especially referees are welcome to post their views at the bottom of the article.

My own 10 opinions about Referees in the Squash World:

1- Totally support the one-referee system restoration with keeping the video review of course and eliminating the three-referee system as it caused a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the refs’ decisions, refs’ self-confidence, refs’ individualism, sense of competition and consistency .

2- The referees have to be paid more so they can invest more time and effort to better themselves.

3-There should be a competitive league for the refs with quarterly rankings and evaluations just like the players.

4- The squash fans all over the world, along with the players, should be the judge of the quarterly referees hierarchies and rankings and the PSA along with the WSF has to develop a system to make that happen.

5- Each referee has to learn the basics properly, but has to have their own logic and common sense while giving decisions as being creative and unique doesn’t have to be confined to players.

Ramy Ashour in action against fellow Egyptian Omar Mosaad
Ramy Ashour in action against fellow Egyptian Omar Mosaad

6- The referee has to sit right in front of the court and close to the court, not miles tucked away in between the crowd.

7- Each referee has to shine and not hide away in-between the other two refs .

8- The crowd who is watching at the venue and the online crowd has to have their opinion and voting chance towards the match ref right after each match, helping in determining the quarterly refs rankings and the ref of the year award.

9-The referees have their importance and respect and should be announced on the court, the same as players, as refs play a huge role in the game and also for all the people to see and know who is refereeing the match.

10- Refs have to be treated fairly at the tournaments and the PSA along with the WSF have to set the standards for that in coordination with each tournament promoter.

Would like to hear your thoughts and ideas.



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