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REFS AND RULES: Newsletter gems

I did a Google search for Mike Riley and this popped up

It’s always a pleasure to receive Barry Faguy’s online newsletter, The Squash Official, produced for squash referees in Canada but thoroughly deserving of a worldwide audience (which we are happy to help to provide here).

His latest collection of news items and refereeing queries is as enjoyable as ever and I especially like the contribution about Blocking and Trapping.

Wayne Smith has also rounded up a collection of quotes, which prove that referees do have a sense of humour. American referee Sheldon Anderson receives several honourable mentions.

Here’s one more: Sheldon, it’s your round!


Hisham Ashour playing Cameron Pilley at the Tournamant of Champions this year – complaining about a let granted to Pilley for what was a bullet length down the line. Ashour says: He could never have got that. Maj Maden, a Side Referee, says: “He’s got long legs!”


In one of the Women’s showcase matches at Tournament of Champions, Dave Howard was the Centre Referee. At the end of the 2nd game of the match, which is then 1-1, Dave announces: 11-7, Sobhy leads 1-All. Wayne Smith, a Side Referee, then quietly asked from the right side: How does that work?


At the Richmond, VA event in February, Sheldon Anderson was the Centre Referee. Throughout the match, Stephane Galifi was very vocal and animated to the outcome of many calls. Near the end of match, Galifi stopped playing due to cries and the screaming of a baby. Sheldon chipped in a comment: Now you know what I feel like! – to which the audience erupted in laughter.


Still at the Richmond event, Mike Riley as the Central Referee, calls a ball Not Up on Stephane Galifi. Galifi, at the open door, questioned the call several times. Just before we suspect a Conduct penalty was to be issued, Yann Perrin who was watching from the side, indicated two fingers when Galifi asked him. Galifi went back on court. Mike said: Thank you, Mr Perrin – then called the score.


And this from a Referee who sounded like he had a dinner date: Sheldon Anderson was the Centre Referee, and in response to Julian Illingworth’s ongoing questioning of appeal responses, states: It’s nine six in the 5th game. Let’s finish the match.


At the new trial of the Television Match Official at the Canary Wharf event in March, Peter Barker, playing Robbie Temple, lost all six of his appeals. He said afterwards: I like the new system, but I just wish it wasn’t Robbie’s Mum and Dad doing the video reffing!

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