Thursday, November 30, 2023

Rodney Martin on Mostafa Asal: ‘I’ve got no sympathy for him because he’s been getting away with this stuff since day one on Tour’

By MIKE DALE (Squash Mad Correspondent) Aussie legend Rodney Martin has weighed into the debate over the behaviour of Egypt’s divisive young superstar Mostafa Asal. World No.4 Asal was disqualified from October’s US Open for striking his opponent Lucas Serme on the ear, one of several incidents currently being scrutinised by the PSA World Tour […]

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  1. Rod Martin is completely correct in what he is saying. One has to wonder why the PSA are not doing anything about this as far as disciplinary action is concerned against Asal.

  2. It’s well said and the ‘gamesman’ approach is bad for the game. If squash is to stand a chance as a sport it must reduce delays. What’s silly is it works against the player in the end because they are spending time focusing on gaming instead of on playing.

  3. There is an unfortunate relationship between ‘characters’ and interest in the game. People like controversy, rivalry and antics. Take snooker and darts as an example. We have all played a person who uses disruption and questions all points to win, ‘cheating’ is everywhere in sport. Only referees can regulate.

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