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Sad news: Death of Magdi Saad

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Sad news from Egypt following the death of former top ten player Magdi Saad.

Sara El Noamany writes on Facebook:

I’m in total denial of Captain Magdi Saad’s death. Although I asked many people wishing they would refute it, they all confirmed it. However, I still don’t want to believe it.

That is because he was a phenomenal person inside out. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the position or spotlight he deserved to take in this world because of his modesty, kindness and seriousness. Therefore, I pray he takes it in heaven which is way more crucial for him.

There is a popular quote which says, “ When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. “ Captain Magdy, since you were such a lovable person, I want to tell you that if love could have saved you, you would have guaranteed to live forever.

Before going on court to beat Laurens Jan Anjema to reach the final in Montreal last night, Hisham Ashour responded: “Great words for a great guy, Well said, Sara.”


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  1. Captain Magdy saad was a player with unique shots strictly of his own, incredible court reach, he really was a school to watch. A brilliant coach who understands the game more than anyone. As for his ethics, he was a very modest person with no desire in fame and being a star.

  2. Jonas Görnerup who visit me here in Singapore last week, May 2011, told me the sad news of Magdi Saad. We meet Magdi here in Spore 1984 when Lars Kvant and he staied at our place for the first time and later come back for Squash for a number of years. Instant we become friends with Magdi and had some good times togather. He was indeed a remakable person who let me always get a few points. He had the capibillity to always be the one who give rather than take. We will always remamber Magdi as a valued friend.
    Kurre Halvardsson

    • Kurre
      Thank you for your kind comments about Magdi. He was obviously a very special person, loved by so many people. As you say, he was one of life’s givers. A real gentleman and a gentle man.

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