Friday, July 12, 2024

Squash Facilities Network brings experts together in ‘thriving global community’ 

The European Squash Federation has launched the Squash Facilities Network (SFN) to bring together experts and share best practice from across the industry.

The SFN seeks to unite squash leaders, enthusiasts, owners, investors, coaches, architects and visionaries to focus on the pivotal role squash facilities play in fostering the growth of the sport in Europe and beyond. 

Its mission is to harness squash’s potential, transcending it from just a sport to a thriving global community, a flourishing industry, and a conduit to personal and financial success. 

The SFN, which is a working group of the European Squash Federation (ESF), has today unveiled its digital hub,, to mark its formal launch. 

The digital hub will feature ‘best practice’ case studies with squash experts from every corner of the globe. The SFN forum serves as a dynamic arena for discussions within its community and the SFN will also conduct surveys and showcase relevant research. 

The SFN working group is a direct outcome of the first ever European Squash Think Tank (pictured), which took place in Bucharest, Romania, in early 2023. It will be led by Director Markus Gaebel, former Managing Director of Courttech and International Sales Manager at ASB. 

The SFN’s approach is grounded in the belief that squash’s future is intertwined with embracing proven strategies, adeptly tailored to local contexts and the unique attributes of diverse facility types.

SFN is structured around three core sectors: management, coaches and architecture, each guided by a set of principles that it deems indispensable to collective success. 

Thomas Troedsson, President of the ESF, said: “I extend an invitation to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and innovation. The SFN is more than a network; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven by passionate individuals like you who share a vision of a brighter future for squash in Europe and beyond.” 

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