Thursday, December 7, 2023

Squash Mad Australia: Steve Walton takes the Mickey

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Bollywood drama unfolds as squash dissects failed Olympic bid
By STEVE WALTON – Squash Mad Australian News Digger 

Bill Gates meets Mickey Mouse with a little Oprah Winfrey on the side as Steve Walton brings you the latest hot news from Down Under. Squash Mad Australia’s Raving Reporter focuses on the not-so-Nice World Federation AGM, where the latest Olympic bid was discussed, dissected and blame fairly apportioned in one direction.


No, they’re not blaming the boy band One Direction, it’s more of a Bollywood tragedy. Turn on, tune in, but don’t drop out until you’ve heard all of Steve’s latest report. Talking of boy bands and music, I’m Vaughany, Vaughany, Vaughany, Vaughany ….  


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