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Squash Mad Interview: 11 Points With Lyell Fuller

Lyell Fuller is looking forward to playing at Canary Wharf
Lyell Fuller is looking forward to playing at Canary Wharf

Meet the only man in squash sponsored by a pub chain

By Alan Thatcher, Squash Mad Editor

Lyell Fuller meets Ben Coleman in a special shoot-out on finals night of the Canary Wharf Classic, with the winner gaining the Wild Card to the 2016 tournament. Here he tells ALAN THATCHER how life is going well in London, and how he is the only man in squash to be sponsored by a pub chain.


1: Where do you do most of your training?
A: I have been based in Wimbledon for six months now and do lots of my training all round London. But my main areas are Roehampton and Wimbledon Rackets Club.

2: Who are your main training partners?
A: There are many people I train with in London but most recently I have been getting on with big guys such as Tom Richards and Joe Lee which is really helping me to develop my game .

3: Who is your main coach, and what are the main things you are focusing on in mid-season?
A: My main coach since being in London is Robbie Temple and he is helping me with the transition from juniors to seniors which is a big step.

4: How are you finding the transition from junior tournaments to senior? What’s been the toughest aspect?
A: I’m really enjoying the process of moving into senior squash as I’m always learning and doing what I love every day.

Lyell on court with his favourite player in the Nationals
Lyell on court with his favourite player in the Nationals

5: Who is your favourite squash player, and why?
A: My favourite player is James Willstrop (right) because I love his controlled type of play and his skills, but also because he’s a big fighter and has a great mentality.

6: Have you been to the Canary Wharf tournament before?
A: I have never been to Canary Wharf but have grown up watching it on SquashTV every year, and it looks like a great event so I’m looking forward to experiencing it.

7: What’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever played in front of before?
A: Probably the British Nationals on the glass court, but not that big compared to what East Wintergarden will be like .

8: Who will be coming along to cheer you on at Canary Wharf?
A: I’m not sure yet, but hopefully I’ll get some support as I’m a Londoner now.

9: Who are your main sponsors?
A: My main sponsor for equipment is Tecnifibre and I’m also sponsored by JD Wetherspoons.

10: What’s the best win of your career so far?
A: Probably the World Juniors in Poland where I was unseeded and beat Ahmad Al Saraj, the 3/4 seed and British Junior Open winner that year.

11: You lost to Ben in the final of the BSPA tournament at Croydon in December. How are you going to turn that round on the glass court at the East Wintergarden?

A: I can’t give you my tactics. That’s a secret, but I’m going to try my hardest, keep to my processes and enjoy the experience.


Pictures by STEVE LINE ( courtesy of the Canary Wharf Classic 

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