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Squash, the ideal sport for lunchtime

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Squash or lunch? It's a tough call for these two!
Squash or lunch? It’s a tough call for these two!

Squash, once again, has come out on top of a survey into sporting habits. This time UK office workers were asked to name their preferred lunchtime sporting activity, and squash came top with 21%. For me, the lack of nearby courts in London stops me from adding to that figure on most days. 

Squash: The Ideal Lunchtime Break Sport

23 July 2013

Squash, which provides an intense and competitive workout over a relatively short time, has been voted the preferred sport of choice when it comes to lunchtime exercise.

The study polled 1,867 UK office workers aged between 18 and 65 as part of research into attitudes towards fitness and wellbeing during the working day.

When asked ‘What sport/activity would you choose to do during lunchtime should the necessary equipment/facilities/playing partners be ready to hand?’, the top five responses were:

1. Squash – 21%
2. Gym – 18%
3. Tennis – 17%
4. Golf (driving range) – 9%
5. Running – 8%

Those who selected squash as an option were asked why this was the case: 31% cited its ‘professional image’; 28% ‘relatively short playing time’; and 22% its level of ‘social interaction’, were the main reasons given in the research conducted by online sports equipment retailer Sweatband.com

“Squash is so well-fitted for the modern lifestyle,” said World Squash Federation CEO Andrew Shelley. “Not only does it provide great exercise in a short time span but there is no routine, no going through the motions. It is competition, physical and mental, and all the more stimulating for that.

“This research follows the recent survey by the widely respected and influential US business magazine Forbes which rated squash as ‘the healthiest sport’, and a nomination by Men’s Health magazine as ‘the ultimate fitness sport’.”


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