Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tears and fury as squash suffers latest Olympic setback

Skateboarding, breakdancing, surfing and climbing all chosen ahead of squash for Paris 2024 By ALAN THATCHER - Squash Mad Editor Squash has been dealt another devastating blow in its relentless but frustrating battle for a place in the Olympic Games. The decision announced today by the IOC to support the inclusion of breakdancing, sport climbing, […]

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  1. Lets look at the Olympics. As it seems we appeared to fit the criteria set by the IOC for inclusion. Box ticked. This has been done from what I understand time and time again, but clearly, to no avail. So what is the missing link? Well quite simply it is a matter of economics. The IOC are an organisation that requires funding in which to operate. A large percentage of this income/funding comes from selling TV rights to TV companies all over the world. All well and good. The vast majority of these TV companies derive their income from selling advertising slots during the broadcasting of the games. Then companies that advertise on TV during the televised periods of the games will have some vested interest in promoting their product during their allocated slot. Every is one happy, IOC make money, TV companies buy rights then sell advertising slots during the games to make money, the companies that advertise on the TV make money because they sell more of their product because of the advertising on the TV.
    So I hear, why breakdancing? Well it is quite simple, the kit/clothing that these dancers wear is worn by kids all over the world. These kids mostly ‘urban’ look up to these dancers and want to wear what the dancers wear. This is heaven for the manufactures. Just think how many millions of kids all over the world want to buy those caps, hoodies and dancing boots/trainers. This equates to millions if not billions of $ in sales. Manufacturers sell make money, TV companies sell advertising and buy rights for a profit and the IOC make money. At this time squash as a sport does not have that following of viewers, just look at the pathetic amount of people watching the World Open. And let’s not mention that there is no mainstream TV, heaven forbid anyone does that. All those egos will get upset.
    Then I hear whingeing from some quarters of the squash world that they have matched the criteria set out by the IOC and it’s not fair. Well the quarters where that comes from I say this, get over yourself, and accept the facts.
    Squash has to become trendy to many types of people not just one group. Squash is and must be for all. But if the Olympics is truly a goal then the vast majority of its players and viewers have to be similar to those of tennis, that is the economic fact.

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