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What it feels like to play squash for 24 hours

HGSC 1 (Small)Squash Mad salutes Stuart Guest, squash enthusiast, lifelong Liverpool fan (you can’t have everything!), Kent over-45s player and organiser of a 24-hour marathon in aid of UNICEF at the Hawkhurst Golf and Squash Club. Once Stuart had recovered, Squash Mad fired some questions his way.
How many breaks (5 mins in the hour?)
No breaks, players going on were told by me to knock on door and players on court were informed at the same time, so it was pretty seamless.
What was the toughest moment?
The toughest time was at the end. I played doubles for an hour with Tim Sayer against Alan Thatcher and John Greig, with an hour’s rest. I then played Eve Coxeter our Kent County Junior for half an hour, followed by a game against the Club No.1 for the last half hour to end it.
Did you hit the wall? 
Playing Pat I felt extremely tired and it was quite emotional. Pat said ‘Come on, mate, you can do it’. We pushed through until the end, with a countdown and a great round of applause.
How old are you:
I am 47 years old but felt a lot older at the end!

Stuart Guest with his children Jack and Joanne
Stuart Guest with his children Jack and Joanne
Were there supporters there throughout the 24 hours?
Yes, I would say a minimum of  10 to roughly 40 and the end. It was great to have people on the balcony to cheer us on through the night shift!
How did you feel at the end?
Very tired but happy, everyone enjoyed it and we still talk about it to this day.
What did you eat ?
Chilli Con Carne, Chips, Sandwiches, bananas, followed by lots of beer and wine afterwards!
How much did you raise?
The current total stands at £1,214.36, and the fund is still open!
Where can people make a contribution?
Would you like to name all the players who took part?
I certainly would! Here they are, in alphabetical order:
Alan Thatcher
Becca Keeler
Carl Cosson
Darren Gould
Dave Chapple
Dave Padmore
Debbie Tomlinson
Emily Weighton
Eve Coxeter
Garry Tomlinson
Harry Keeler
Jack Guest
James Smith
John Greig
Josh Thorpe
Marc Coulson
Mary Evans
Matt Peirce
Miles Wallace
Nic Brown
Nigel Radford
Oscar Tomlinson
Pat Burt
Paul Worthington
Peter Chandler
Richard Keeler
Robert Greig
Robin Crispin
Roger Tomlinson
Steve Snary
Stuart Guest
Tilly Wilson
Tim Brown
Tim Sayer
Tony Capocci
Trevor Wallace
Vic Silvey
There's always time for doubles, even when you're feeling dead!
There’s always time for doubles, even when you’re feeling dead!

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