Wednesday, September 27, 2023

World Squash Day teams up with interactiveSQUASH to attract new players and support Ukraine

By ALAN THATCHER (Squash Mad Editor and World Squash Day Founder)

World Squash Day has announced an exciting partnership with interactiveSQUASH as today (Friday August 26th) marks 50 Days To Go until World Squash Day 2022.

The 21st birthday edition of World Squash Day takes place on Saturday October 15th with some exciting projects being planned around the globe for every facility with an interactiveSQUASH court.

It’s wonderful to see so many countries get behind World Squash Day to attract a new generation of players to our brilliant sport.

As well as some creative open days, we are delighted to be adding interactiveSQUASH to our list of partners.

Lee Wicks of interactiveSQUASH UK added: “We are planning a themed World Squash Day competition to be held at every venue that houses an interactiveSQUASH court.

“Squash and technology will go hand in hand to provide an incredible experience at these open days and the idea behind it all is to raise funds to help squash in Ukraine.

“The immediate aim is to help Ukraine to send a team to compete in the Women’s World Championships in Egypt in December.

“At several locations, like Crowborough in East Sussex, we look forward to welcoming groups of Ukrainian refugee children to enjoy the open day and try their hand at squash.

“We are confident that the interactiveSQUASH experience will help them fall in love with the game.”

Crowborough Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is opening its interactiveSQUASH court with a gala day on September 30th, the perfect launchpad for World Squash Day two weeks later.

Alena Ogonesyan, Vice President of the Ukraine Squash Federation, said: “The Ukrainian Squash Federation is very grateful to all our big squash family for their support in such a difficult time, when there is a war in Ukraine.

“It is very important for us to know that we have support. This is an important part of the development of squash and while we are fighting the aggressor it is important for us to know that our players can continue to play and compete in important tournaments.”

World Squash Day is presented in partnership with the World Squash Federation, Member Nations, the PSA Foundation, interactiveSQUASH, SquashLab and Squash Republic.

Graphic courtesy of Robert Pacey (Squash Republic)



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