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World Squash Day to relaunch the sport: “We are all in this together” says founder

World Squash Day to relaunch the sport: “We are all in this together” says founder
By JAMES ROBERTS – Squash Mad Correspondent

World Squash Day will help to “relaunch the game” when events take place across the globe on Saturday October 10th.

That’s the prediction of World Squash Day founder Alan Thatcher, who is determined to help clubs and federations move out of lockdown with a campaign aimed at renewed growth.

World Squash Day is endorsed by the World Squash Federation and the PSA World Tour and Thatcher, the editor and publisher of Squash Mad,  said: “It has been a difficult time for everyone in the game, affecting clubs, tournaments, ordinary players and professionals just the same.

“We have seen some incredible things on social media during the lockdown, with squash enthusiasts creating temporary courts in their back gardens, garages and basements, and we intend to leverage this passion for our sport to gain massive traction for World Squash Day.

“Despite the absence of tournaments, PSA members have continued to entertain us all on social media with their lockdown training videos, trick shots and podcasts.

“I am hoping clubs and national federations will harness that enthusiasm and energy on World Squash Day to create some outstanding events to welcome players back to the game and help to attract a new generation of players to our courts. We are all in this together.

“We also have plans to help raise money for our community, and in particular the PSA hardship fund, We Are One, aimed at looking after players who are experiencing financial hardship with zero income since March.”

Thatcher, an English tournament promoter and author who launched World Squash Day in 2002, added: “Health, of course, is top of the global agenda right now and squash is known to be one of the healthiest sports of all.

“It’s not just the obvious fun and fitness benefits. Squash provides significant mental health benefits as well.

“These messages are being communicated by the World Squash Federation, which is inviting all of its members to encourage every squash facility on the planet to take part in the celebration of World Squash Day.

“Many countries are moving out of lockdown and allowing squash to function as normal once again, but others are obviously dealing with local guidelines and restrictions.

“We are mindful of all these issues and will manage events accordingly.”

World Squash Day 2020 has an easy date to remember: 10/10/20.

A wide-ranging social media campaign will feature the use of hashtags #whyilovesquash and #isupportworldsquashday across a variety of platforms.

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