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Worldwide squash community must back Olympic bid says WSF chief

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Delegates at the WSF annual meeting in Marseille

By HOWARD HARDING – Squash Mad International Correspondent


The French city of Marseille has this week hosted the 47th World Squash Federation AGM and Conference, held alongside the WSF Men’s World Team Championship.

The AGM today followed the conference day which featured presentations from key people from inside and outside squash to update the delegates from over 40 countries on current initiatives as well as discuss plans for squash’s efforts to secure a place on the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris.

WSF President Jacques Fontaine, himself a Parisian, reminded delegates that although everybody present thinks that squash would be a great addition to the Games programme, the bid must be embraced and promoted by all.

“We know that squash would bring something different and special to the Olympic Games through our wonderful youth, our professional athletes and great staging options,” said Fontaine.

“So every single player, official and stakeholder should take every opportunity to promote squash to their national media, sports officials and especially influencers. WSF & PSA will lead but it is the sea wave of the whole of squash repeatedly landing that will make the difference.”

2017 was not an election year, so the main focus of delegates was on the comprehensive updating of the WSF Articles, with proposed amendments to a great many of the current 155 clauses all being agreed.

A number of changes were ‘technical’ but included specific amendments made to the system of conducting election ballots; a new process for electing Commission members; and alterations to the composition of the WSF Ethics Commission.

The WSF Forward Plan and budget were also received and endorsed.

The meeting concluded with a WSF Outstanding Service award to Operations Manager Lorraine Harding, who first joined WSF 20 years ago and has been the office rock around which all functions have been based.

Picture courtesy of WSF 


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  1. Dear Howard,

    Thanks for reporting this plea by the current President of WSF :

    “Worldwide squash community must back Olympic bid says WSF chief.”

    However, the Squash Community has always backed the Olympic bid enthusiatically and vigorously – no one could ask for more!

    With all due respect, that is not where the problem lies. We have said this many times and in many ways so we will pass on the repetition. However, should the received wisdom be receptive to a new but old ray of light one place to look is in this link:


    Kind regards,


    Ferez S. Nallaseth, PhD

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