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WSA: New website launched


Laura Massaro and Camille Serme in action

WSA World Tour Announce New Website Launch

June 6, 2012
LONDON. – The WSA have launched a new website as part of a continued effort to rebrand women’s squash.
Following the renaming of WISPA to the Women’s Squash Association (WSA) and the introduction of a new logo featuring the silhouetted six-time World Champion Nicol David earlier this year, the website will be a great showcase for up-to-date news and tournament information on the WSA World Tour.
WSA President and world No19 Jaclyn Hawkes believes that with the new website, the tour has now been brought fully into the modern age.  She said: “When the tour was renamed back in January, people really responded well to the name and especially the new logo.  The website is the extra step in advertising what a strong, diverse and attractive tour the WSA World Tour is, and from a player’s point of view this is only going to have positive repercussions for the sport.”
Created by web designers Abstraktion, the site will be the ultimate source of news from the WSA World Tour, with regularly updated player and tournament news, photographic resources, a tournament calendar, World Rankings and World Series Standings, player head-to-heads and extensive statistics.
The website will also be fully integrated with social media outlets Facebook and Twitter, displaying comments from the players themselves and allowing for further player-fan interaction.
WSA Chairman Ingrid Lofdahl-Bentzer has spoken of her delight at the positive steps taken in the rejuvenation of the women’s tour.  She said: “This is an exciting development for the WSA World Tour.  We have been working behind the scenes for quite some time but it has been important not to rush out an incomplete product.
“We are delighted with how the website is looking and functioning.  It is a wonderful medium through which to showcase the talent we have on offer and we are confident that it will become a vital source of information and interaction for our player and fans worldwide when it is fully up-to-speed.”
The new website stands to be a beneficial new media outlet representing the positive steps being undertaken in the world of women’s professional squash.  This year the WSA World Tour has seen an impressive rise in prize-money for top World Series events, as the CIMB Nicol David KL Open Squash Championships boosted their designated prize money fund to $70,000, whilst the British Open returned earlier this month after a two-year hiatus, thanks to a new sponsor Dr Allam, who raised the WSA winnings to $95,000.
The old website will continue to run for a short interim period, mainly as a tool for player’s administrative issues, whilst logins for are finalised.

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