Saturday, March 2, 2024

ESR: New Level 1 courses and coaching seminars

Coaching news from ESR

There is a Level 1 Coaching Course starting in January at Finchley Manor.

A series of Coaching Seminars is coming up, including a Bridging the Gap seminar which is being held at Potters Bar on the 27th of November.

This one is tailored to those who have a Level 1 but are thinking of a Level 2, or coaches with an older SRA qualification who would like to be updated.

The seminars provide coaches with a fantastic opportunity (at minimal cost) to witness the current methods and approach utilised by the ESR Coaching & Performance Team and to share and discuss their own experiences, practices and philosophy’s.

Team England continue to enjoy significant European & World successes (senior, junior, individual and team) and it is imperative that we share the thinking and methodology behind the success. To continue to produce the greatest squash players in the world, we require the greatest coaches. To be the best in the world, we need to learn faster than our opposition as coaches and players.

The seminars will be led by members of our senior coaching team – National Coach Chris Robertson, Assistant National Coach David Campion, High Performance Coach Fiona Geaves and Elite Coach Development Manager, Paul Carter. ‘Extended’ C&P staff include the English Institute of Sport, David Young (Performance & Psychology Consultant) and Chris Vine (ESR Tutor).

Please contact Jayden for more information or to book on to either of these: [email protected]

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