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Battle of the Brands Continues

Squash brands tangle for top billing

By PIERRE BASTIEN – Squash Mad Guest Columnist

A few weeks ago we tried to determine which squash brands won the PSA World Championship, but which brands are in the overall lead at this point in the season?

Well, we’ve now crunched the numbers for all the major PSA tournaments since the summer, including the US Open, World Championships, Qatar Classic, and Hong Kong Open. Let’s find out which brands are on top as we head into the new year.

Here are the current point standings, as of January 1, 2014. We will keep counting until next summer, at which point we can crown the 2014 Squash Brand champions.

A complete breakdown of every piece of equipment can be found at Squash Source.

Squash Racket Standings

Dunlop 19,645
Tecnifibre 11,125
Prince 10,200
Harrow 4,540
Head 3,995
Black Knight 3,335
Wilson 3,065
Eye 1,980
Oliver 1,735
Mantis 1,040
Karakal 975
Grays 350
Pro Kennex 125

Here’s how the brands have done over time. Dunlop has maintained a comfortable overall lead since the US Open, but fared especially well in the Hong Kong Open, where three out of four semi-finalists played with Dunlop. Meanwhile, Tecnifibre and Prince duke it out for second place.

Squash Shoe Standings

Asics 30,055
Adidas 15,385
Hi-Tec 11,355
Salming 1,415
Nike 1,265
Prince 950
Wilson 915
Victor 770

Asics squeaked out the win at the US Open, but put in dominating performances at the next three tournaments to take a commanding lead in the standings. Adidas remains comfortably in second place, followed by Hi-Tec, who are in third thanks entirely to the efforts of newly (re)crowned world number one, Nick Matthew.

Picture by Steve Cubbins (SquashSite)

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