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Nicol David and Paola Longoria, two pin-ups who transcend their sports



Cover girls who give squash and racquetball a massive profile
By FREDDY RAMIREZ – Editor of Restrung Magazine

Cover girls Paola Longoria and Nicol David
Cover girls Paola Longoria and Nicol David


nicolcoverI just want to point you to a thread of some similarities that can speak tons about what both Racquetball and Squash look like. On a number of levels if you care to dig deeper. (There are some key underlying truths here.

paolabotIf you read my blog, you know I’ve written a ton about Mexico’s world racquetball champion Paola Longoria. (Just check the archives.)

Like squash’s Vicky Boswell (nee Botwright) she has embraced a variety of modelling assignments (right).

Nicol David is a superstar in her world of squash. Her record is running significantly longer in dominance, (although Paola’s winning streak is crazy,).

– Both dominate the professional women’s side of their sport.

– Both are celebrated in their respective countries. (Mexico and Malaysia)

– There is drastic separation between the rest of the pack in terms of social reach and notoriety.

– This includes separations from the top athletes on the Men’s Pro side.

– Both are bigger than their respective pro tours…in aggregate. (Anyone connected with or follows what has been going on with these tours, knows.)

– Paola Longoria 77.6 K Twitter Followers (Roughly up approx. 36.3K since I first mentioned last June.)

– Nicol David 84.1K Twitter Followers. (You know you’re big time when they use a decimal points instead of actually bothering to show exact numbers.)

Just saying’…

Nicol David: Bigger than the WSA Tour?
Nicol David: Bigger than the WSA Tour?

Picture  of Paola Longoria courtesy of Freddy Ramirez, Restrung Magazine


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