Thursday, February 2, 2023

Mostafa Asal’s father banned from PSA Tour

Squash Mad can confirm that Mostafa Asal’s father has been banned from PSA World Tour tournaments until November following an incident at the CIB Egyptian Open last September.

Mahmoud Asal was involved in a courtside confrontation – believed to be with Hussein Abaza, CEO of CIB Bank and major squash benefactor – following his son Mostafa’s semi-final defeat against Ali Farag in Cairo (pictured above).

The incident was captured on camera and posted on social media. It appears to show PSA CEO Alex Gough intervening and leading Asal Snr away backstage.

Abaza – with whom Asal Snr appeared to be in animated discussion – sponsors Farag and many other top Egyptian players through CIB Bank – with the notable exception of Asal. He also supports Karim Darwish’s Wadi Degla Academy and all of Egypt’s main PSA Tour tournaments.

Mahmoud Asal
Mahmoud Asal pictured with Marwan, Mostafa’s younger brother, at the British Junior Open

In a statement to Squash Mad, the PSA said:

“The Professional Squash Association (PSA) can confirm that Mr Mahmoud Asal has been suspended from attending any PSA tournaments until November 29, 2023 following a formal investigation into his behaviour during the CIB Egyptian Open in September 2022.

This investigation was conducted in accordance with the PSA Code of General Conduct & Ethics and was conducted as a result of a complaint made against Mr Asal regarding his behaviour after the semi-final match between his son, Mostafa Asal, and Ali Farag at the above tournament.

The investigation took into account multiple witness statements as well as video evidence and the original decision was reviewed at Mr Asal’s request by the PSA Board of Directors in accordance with the PSA Code of General Conduct and Ethics

The PSA expects a certain level of conduct from everyone attending a PSA event – particularly when attendees are part of a player support team and are situated in VIP areas together with sponsors and their guests – and takes all official complaints levelled against attendees seriously.

The PSA will be making no further comment and now considers the matter closed.”

Mahmoud Asal’s ban is yet another fresh controversy that seems to follow his son – arguably the most divisive player in the sport’s history (and still only 21) – wherever he goes.

Only last week, he confirmed his ascent to world no.1 in bizarre and acrimonious circumstances following a victory over Marwan ElShorbagy at the Houston Open which left the world no.6 writhing on the floor. ElShorbagy has since expressed his displeasure in an exclusive Squash Mad interview. The two are seeded to meet again at this week’s Tournament of Champions in New York.

In this season’s US Open he was disqualified after hospitalising his opponent Lucas Serme by turning on a wide crosscourt and hitting a powerful forehand up the T, striking the Frenchman on the ear.

In January last year, Asal was suspended from the PSA World Tour for two months following unspecified ‘on-court disciplinary matters.’

Rumours continue – as yet unconfirmed – that Asal is in line for further sanction from the PSA disciplinary committee for more recent on-court conduct.

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  1. Squash Mad is clearly in bed with the PSA and the WSF as it must have seen the video where Mostafa’s dad is having a polite conversation with Mr. Abaza, which begins with a handshale and ends in a handshake. Cannot be more convivial than that. Why doesn’t Squash Mad let people decide for themselves remembering it was with very loud background crowd and megaphone circumstances so that voices had to be raised to be heard.

    They haven’t shown it because the people would ASTONISHED that anyone could be banned for having a conversation with someone.

    Also, this article is about Asal’s dad, so why bring up all the past problems relating to Asal himself.

    I thought Squash Mad was supposed to be impartial. It most definitely is not.

    Have the guts to show the people the video.

    Ian Dobson

    • Ian – we have linked to the video in the third paragraph of the article. Also, we have no links to PSA, WSF or any other organisation. You will notice elsewhere on the site we have been critical of governing bodies when we feel it’s warranted and will continue to hold those in charge of our sport to account, as any independent media outlet should.

  2. Is the whole family insufferable? perhaps Asal jr. has a sibling that is a somewhat functional human being? @squash club socials “Ughh…the Asals are here..let’s go somewhere else”

  3. Whatever one’s opinion about Asal, this article is good balanced journalism/reporting. Of course, it is unavoidable to mention the controversies surrounding Asal, as they form the context to the exchange between the players father and one of the pre-eminent supporters of squash. This is exactly the kind of journalism that makes Squash Mad worthwhile!

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