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SQUASH FASHION: A look in Iron Man Rosner’s wardrobe

Simon and Alan discuss fashion tips on court at the North American Open
Simon and Alan discuss fashion tips on court at the North American Open
German squash star Simon Rosner has had to make a heartbreaking decision and trade in his favourite pink shirt for a new clothing range this season. Here, in an interview with ALAN THATCHER, he reveals his love of tournament hotels that allow him to indulge in one of his favourite hobbies, ironing. 


1: How many squash shirts do you own (bet it’s more than 100!)

Surely more than 100. My closet is overflowing.

2: What do you look for in terms of size, comfort, colour?

Even though many people say I should wear smaller shirts, I quite like them to be a bit bigger. It is just more comfortable and easier to take off when they are sweaty (and I sweat a lot, you know).

I like colours (you have probably recognized) which are not toooo common – just to bring something new, fresh and shiny to the circuit 🙂

3: What’s your favourite shirt?And did you play a part in designing your new Oliver shirt?

Simon does some ghosting in his favourite pink shirt
Simon does some ghosting in his favourite pink shirt

The pink one surely is the favourite, which is no longer there as I have had a new collection out since the start of the season a couple of month ago. The new selection includes a a red one and a black/rainbow coloured shirt. Talking about the colour: that was more the decision between Oliver and Flyeralarm, my two main sponsors who are creating my shirts.

4: What do you do with your old shirts?

I keep some and give some away to family, friends or club members.

 5: Do you wash your shirts during a tournament, or wait til you get home?

YES, Always. This was the great thing about our tournament hotel in Philadelphia (US Open) where we had self-service washing machines and dryers on the floor. Already that makes a squash player happy (easy, isnt it?) If there are no self service machines I usually, after every practise or match, wash them myself or take them to a laundromat.

 6: Whose logos are on your shirts? 

– Flyeralarm
– Oliver
– Mercedes should be on at some stage as well.

 7: With Paderborn such a great venue or squash, any ideas for a PSA event there?

Nothing planned yet unfortunately.

8: How are you settling in with your new PSL colleagues at Coolhurst Club in London?

Great. I really had a good time there and everyone is really helpful and friendly. Really enjoy playing for this team and I can’t wait to play my first home match (probably in mid-

November) for them.

9: Do you fly into London City?

Simon's new rainbow shirt from Oliver
Simon’s new rainbow shirt from Oliver

Yes, I can fly into London City Airport from Paderborn. How great is that?

10: Where will you be spending Christmas?

With my parents. The same every year. And I don’t want it to be any different. I was born and grew up in a town called Würzburg.

It is in the south of Germany – Bavaria (“Franken” to be very correct)

11: How much holiday from squash do you take over Christmas?

It all depends if I get a last-minute phone call from PSA to tell me that I made it to the World Series Finals (that happened this year after Ramy pulled out). I usually rest for maybe 7 days.

Thank you, Simon. And good luck in Manchester.
Men in pink
Two men, discussing all things pink

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