Monday, December 4, 2023

Exclusive Interview: Lucas Serme opens up about the moment the squash world held its breath as he was hit in the head by a shot from Mostafa Asal

‘He should not have hit the ball, but he waited with me until the ambulance arrived and apologised again’ EXCLUSIVE by JEROME ELHAIK (Squash Mad France Correspondent) One week ago, Lucas Serme was involved in an incident which sent shock waves around the world of squash when he was struck in the head by a shot […]

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  1. We all wish Lucas a speedy recovery and is back on tour very quickly. However, his understanding of the rules is incorrect on the turning rule. He really needs to read the rules, and in this case rule 9.1.5. All players would probably work better with the referees if they all studied the rules which clearly Lucas has not.
    Not withstanding this, the referees could also do with reading them as well. If both parties were more informed accidents like this one could be alleviated. As an ex player who nearly lost an eye in a similar situation, I have a very good understanding of this.

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