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11 Points with Samantha Cornett

Sam in Canadian colours
Sam in Canadian colours


1: First of all, you must have been pleased to hear that moves were being made to rescue the Women’s World Open in Egypt in December, before it all fell through.

A: We won’t be having the World Champs in December, and yes, this is very disappointing. I am hopeful this will happen early in the new year.

2: After enjoying equal prize money in the US Open, I guess the WSA girls must have been casting envious eyes at such a strong Men’s World Championship in Manchester?

A: Certainly! It looked to be a fantastic event, and I hope ours is similarly fantastic. I’ve played in a couple World Opens so far and it’s pretty intense and exciting, so I can imagine playing in such a huge event was quite the experience for the men. Kudos to Nick Matthew for playing incredibly.

3: Thanks for writing the article on squash fashion. You have a natural talent. Have you written many articles before? samglass

A: I haven’t really written anything serious, a couple of short things for DSR and SquashStars. I’ve just started a blog, and I have some writing on Club2Athlete, a website started by player Lisa Camilleri. Links are here:

4: How does it feel to be number one in such a strong squash nation as Canada?

A: Nothing to complain about!

5: Where is your main training base?

A: I am from Ottawa but live in Toronto. I play at the GoodLife Queensview club whenever I’m there.

6: Please tell the world about the National Academy in Toronto. Sounds like every country should have one.

Sampling the cuisine in Amsterdam
Sampling the cuisine in Amsterdam

A: The National Squash Academy is a fantastic resource for us. There are 8 panel singles courts and there’s a glass singles court, and one all-glass hardball doubles court. There is an awesome gym, and a sports therapy office. The coaches are top notch, and there are tons of keen players around. Squash Canada is hoping to grow the program to have more centres of excellence throughout the country. It’s tricky for SC to work with such a vast country!

7: What backing do you receive from Squash Canada?

Sam with Jonathon Power
Sam with Jonathon Power

A: Squash Canada supports us by applying for grants on our behalf and providing opportunities for us to travel! Their support is very important.

8: How are you enjoying life on the WSA Tour?

A: Best job I could have picked!

9: Judging by your Twitter messages, you seem to have made friends all over the world.

A: I’m just badgering them. They are nice and putting up with it!

10: Any sponsors we can mention? How important are they to you?

Winning always feels good! World Open next year would feel pretty good!
Winning always feels good! World Open next year would feel pretty good!

A: Yes!! Sport Canada, Bell, Slaight Music, Black Knight, BioSteel, Vinnie. Sponsors are massive as an athlete, they help you remember when you’re going through a bad time that people believe in you and have invested in you!

11: Your targets for 2014?

A: Wouldn’t be upset if I won both World Champs in 2014!! 😉


Sam with Canadian legend Jonathon Power
Sam with Canadian legend Jonathon Power

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