Thursday, December 7, 2023

Rob Owen: ‘I enjoyed working with Joel Makin but he’d probably be a better player if he’d stayed with me’

By MIKE DALE (Squash Mad Correspondent) Top coach Rob Owen has lifted the lid on his split from former protégé Joel Makin and claimed he could potentially have made him world number one had the Welshman remained with Owen instead of moving on when Paul Coll joined his training group. Coll has since ascended to world […]

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  1. After reading this article I can only think Makin is lucky not to be involved anymore with this so-called super-duper coach. Of course, it unfortunately doesn’t save Makin from being sniped in the back publicly, as we can see.
    Rob Owen says: “I think it’s really important to say thank you sometimes. It’s a selfish sport, but we are trying to put back in and I think players need to be appreciative of people around them who have been important and helped them. I think that’s an important point to make.”
    You know what’s also a really important point to make? Not to spread petty crap around about somebody who did nothing to you except to choose another way to go, as is his indefensible right.
    Reading this article it is very clear to me who is the ahole here, and it’s not Joel Makin. When somebody speaks about “being the bigger guy and reaching out first” you tend to realize exactly who you are dealing with.
    After reading this horrible petty self-important nonsense I know who comes off as the real ahole, and it’s not Joel Makin.

  2. We all remember when Owen “bigged up” Paul Coll and was then publicly humiliated by M. El Shorbagy. This article really sums up how bitter he continues to be. Hopefully another humiliation is on its way.

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