Friday, June 21, 2024

Why Squash Mad needs to be at heart of covering our sport

Coverage of squash has changed drastically. UK newspapers have led the way in the game over the years but the last decade has seen an abrupt halt. First with budget cuts, now with the rise of digital and the thinking that squash ranks low in readership. 

There is also a global media dearth. News agency Agence France Presse had been an ever-present at tournaments but key coverage published in hundreds of newspapers across the world has also stopped.

The upshot means that there is no regular traditional media in attendance in squash press rooms, amid a drastic need to keep telling important stories.

From the elite game down to grass roots, delving deep to find the colourful stories on tour, the worrying decline of courts and threats to the sport, the Olympic question and governance.

The Squash Mad team aims to be at the heart of this reporting. 

We will also be asking readers to make a modest monthly contribution to help us cover the costs of running our editorial team and to keep delivering the best stories.

We are an independent site and means we are unrestricted in terms of what we can write – which we believe is good for the sport – but it also presents a funding challenge.

So, we have decided to ask our readers to help us, by paying £1.99 a month to get access to all our content. We believe this is great value – giving you access to the best coverage in the game.

Let’s give the sport the voice it deserves.

We also want to hear from readers on what we should be writing or reporting. We want to hear from clubs with great stories to tell, amateur players who love the sport and tournament promoters. Please email us at [email protected]

Please send questions to [email protected]

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