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Fun in the sun as racquetball moves outdoors

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Outside the season, pros hit the road 

By Freddy Ramirez, Restrungmag.com

article1Racquetball in the United States now runs all year long. When the professional indoor season is over, most top pro players move outdoors for big competition.

Outdoor racquetball has grown over the last five years and now boasts huge numbers and top prize money at major events.

article3Outdoor racquetball has three major hotbeds in the U.S. California, Florida and New York City.

With top-tier events now being played from Huntington Beach, CA to Hollywood Beach, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada, more and more top professional racquetball players are finding hard to resist the competition and the perks of playing outdoors.

Sun, fresh air and the festival-type environments make these events irresistible.

With three major formats, Three-Wall short, Three-Wall long and One Wall, there are, at times, huge rule differences for professionals to deal with during competition.

It allows professional players to work on particular parts of their game and stay fit during their off season.

The basics are the same and the fun is free flowing. It’s almost as if there is no extended off season, just an annual season two.

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