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Racquetball: Kane Waselenchuk and Paola Longoria dominate

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Top stars continue to rule in racquetball’s International Tour
By FREDDY RAMIREZ, Editor, Restrungmag.com

DOMINANT: Kane Waselenchuk and Paola Longoria
DOMINANT: Kane Waselenchuk and Paola Longoria

The International Racquetball Tour and the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour finished up their Tier 1 seasons this past weekend. Both tour rankings continue to be dominated by record-making professionals.

kaneactionOn the International Racquetball Tour side, Kane Waselenchuk (right) has just wrapped up his ninth World Title (his sixth consecutively,) which mirrors his nine US Open titles.

With only two professional defeats in four years, (1 DNF, 1 straight up loss,) Kane continues his clear dominance of the professional ranks by capping the season off with his 78th career professional title.

Waselenchuk seems set to continue smashing all standing professional racquetball records, the few that are left.

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour’s Paola Longoria (below) is burning through an incredible run and ends this season with her 50th Pro Title.

Thirty four of those titles have been consecutive as well as procuring her 4th US Open title this season. Longoria finished things off this year with her season with her 137 straight professional match win.


Pictures by Freddy Ramirez www.restrungmag.com


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  1. How famous/important is Racquetball compared to Squash? I mean how many Racquetball-courts, how many players exist all over the World? How many are playing World Ranking-tournaments? How many prize money is available all together? And how is this compared to Squash?
    By the way: The mexican Player Paola Longoria is “hot” 😉

    • Hi Oliver.
      Good to hear from you. Racquetball is hugely popular in the States. I understand the figures there show nearly five million racquetball players compared to 1.3 million squash players.
      In England, as you know, the governing body has embraced our own version of the sport (we play with a tin; the Americans don’t) and is called England Squash and Racketball.
      Many clubs in England report that racketball helps to keep courts busy and their businesses alive. In America, there appears to be a great divide between the two sports.
      I am in discussion with a number of parties about the possibility of the two sports working together on some events in the future.
      Celebrities sell tickets. I am sure Paola would not disappoint in that respect.
      Best wishes,

  2. so all over the world are nearly 5 million Racequetball-players compared to 1.3 million squashplayers? Wow! I do not know any Racquetball-player or any Racquetball-Court in Germany.
    What about my question how much money is distributed to the Racquetball-players in tournaments all over the world compared to Squash? Could you answer that as well?
    And I agree with you that with her look, Paola Longoria could be something like a Anna Kurnikova and Maria Sharapova in one person.

  3. Oliver,

    Yes, current numbers that can be verified are statistics from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association and are taken from participation numbers in the US.

    There are very large numbers of players growing in Central and South America which is reflected by their success rates at international competition such as the Pan Ams. We would love to get those numbers.

    Racquetball participation stats worldwide had been aggregated before, and had reached 14 Million worldwide at one point. Before the advent of aerobics, when courts were a given at health clubs and military bases.

    Racquetball, being a bit easier to pick up and really fun to play right away with friends, may be harder to quantify.

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