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Blog: Pilley abuses his brother in the interests of squash science

Cam Pilley in action


If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be hit by a squash ball that has been struck by the hardest hitter on the planet, we now have the photographic evidence.

Not only that, but the video footage reveals the physical damage it causes.

Cameron Pilley, the Australian who broke the world record by hitting the ball at 175 mph during a promotional event at the US Open, asked his brother Morgan to stand at the front of the court and allow himself to act as a human target as Cam whacked the ball at his back.

Watching the YouTube video, it would appear that Cam recorded a direct hit with his very first shot, right in the middle of Morgan’s back. And the squeal of pain was followed by a close-up of the ball-mark embedded in Morgan’s back.

The bruise was close to the middle of the spine and burst his brother’s skin. And I bet that will take a few months to change colour and return to normal!


As the owner of the SquashUK radar gun that recorded John White’s previous record of 172 mph, I would like to invite Cam over for a head=to-head showdown with Hampshire’s Robbie Downer, who smashed the ball at 171mph during the recent Kent Open at The Mote Squash Club in Maidstone.

And I promise there will be no human targets!

Watch the video here:


WARNING: Do not try to repeat this stunt at home, or anywhere!

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